Our Borrowers

From the first telephone contact to the mailing reminder to the closing conversation, it was a pleasure and a privilege to deal with such a friendly and cooperative consultant.

-Stephen S., Father

I was thrilled to be dealing with someone so polite and helpful. Your customer service was EXQUISITE! You made the process simple and efficient! You were also so very patient in answering all of my questions.

-Lynne R.

I received more good information, faster, from [College Loan Corporation loan consultant] Mr. Cope than I have gotten from six months of calling [my previous lender] and every other number that I could to try to do something for my son. Your program was concisely explained and your dovetailing programs with D.O.E. … overall I have gotten the runaround so much from everyone else, that it is a breath of fresh air to get fast and straight answers. Thank you so much CLC and Mr. Robert Cope.

-Steven E., Parent

[Loan counselor] Mr. Bostic was the first person of many … to explain the different programs and to help me choose the best option. He has really given me peace of mind. There is not enough I can say about him. Keep up the good work Mr. Bostic.

-Torita D.

I truly appreciate the efficient and courteous way I have been treated by College Loan Corporation. [Loan counselor] Autumn House is an exceptional professional, kind and understanding … CLC is lucky to have such a knowledgeable employee, one who is quick thinking and can quickly help a client see how your programs work in their favor. I look forward to keeping in contact with Autumn in my future business dealings with CLC, and because I think so highly of Autumn and your firm I have already referred three people to do business with you.

-Salvador O.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality customer service provided by Robert Cope, Senior Loan Consultant. Robert has a positive attitude about his work and a caring personality that makes for a perfect blend of people skills. The long hours are definitely appreciated – I am a strong advocate of the College Loan Corporation due to the high level of efficiency and respect received with each request. Since both of my sons have their loans serviced through the CLC, we feel like you are part of our family.

-Marilyn M., Parent

I wanted you to know what a pleasant and helpful experience we had on our recent Parent Plus loan application with College Loan Corporation. This was due to the outstanding service provided by Mr. Matthew Allen.

As this is our first time going through the entire college process for our oldest daughter, there are so many considerations. You are surely aware that this can be confusing and at times frustrating, especially where finances and applications are concerned.

Mr. Allen was extremely gracious, very patient, and really took the time to answer questions to my satisfaction. It was very apparent that he was not trying to rush me on to get onto the next application, but was interested in making sure I had the answers I needed. With all the discussions I have had of late, it was a breath of fresh air to talk with someone who really wanted to make sure I was clear and understood things.

Many thanks, to Mr. Allen. He is a credit to your organization.

-Steve H., Parent

I would like to compliment College Loan Corp. on superior service and advice. I have been dealing with Kris Finster for the past four years through three girls in college. The service offered by the corporation is outstanding. This begins at the beginning of the application process and continues through to the end. All questions have been answered to my satisfaction and all telephone calls to the corporation have been returned promptly and courteously. My daughters have all gone to different schools and this has not been a problem. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you for making my life easier.

-Lama., M.D., Parent of Student at Pomona College

I would like to commend you and thank you for the great service you provide to us "somewhat clueless" parents of college students! I have nothing but high praise for your company and especially for Mr. Drew Jenkins. He has guided us through this maze of financial aid and loans for four of my children and I hope my younger four will also benefit from his expertise when college comes around for them. I always recommend CLC to all my friends and family when they begin their college search. Thank you again for your excellent service and fine personnel.

-Sally J., Parent

I can't say enough about the help that mark McClain has given my family and I. When my son Nathan was a senior in High School I was very concerned about how my wife and I were going to finance his college education. In stepped College Loan Corp. and Mark McClain. They have professionally and courteously guided us through the process each year for the last 4 years. Our son will graduate with a Bachelors Degree in May and start a new phase of his life and we owe a lot of thanks for it to Mark and the company he represents. There were a few bumps in the road, what with FAFSA forms and HESC paperwork and anytime there was a snag any one of the representatives I spoke with were of the utmost help, most especially Mark McClain. Our other son will be graduating from High School in another year, he is a junior now and we will most assuredly be calling Mark to start up all over again. Thank you, Mark, for everything.

-Brian and Deborah, Parents of Student at SUNY

I am coming to the end of a long five years of a college experience and I will soon have a daughter with a big brain and a lot of debt to show for it. While not entirely certain of my daughter Emily's future, I am certain that without your help over the past few years, this experience would have been considerably more painful than it has been. Never tiring of my phone calls & emails, you have shown great patience and foresight in counseling me in the ways of Parent Plus loans. You have gone beyond what I consider the normal scope of customer relations and have even provided advice on what steps Emily can take to meet her college loan obligations and how to approach the possibility of graduate school. I hope that all of your clients appreciate the time & effort you put into these mini counseling sessions. If they are smart, they will use your expertise to ‘enjoy' their loans as much as I have. Continued success and I want to truly thank you for your time and willingness to share the secrets of avoiding loan hell.

-Lorraine K., Parent of a Student at University of Pittsburgh

I want to contact you to let you know how helpful College Loan Corporation and in particular my contact, Kevin Soehner, have been in the selection and administration of my son's college loans. I've found your 24 hour customer service to be an invaluable resource on more than one occasion. In that my son is now transferring mid year, CLC has been there to answer a whole new set of questions. The problems and mistakes I've encountered along the way (and there has been one on every loan) were always with either the school's Financial Aid Office or the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. Kevin and your Customer Service staff were an invaluable resource in helping me identify where the problems were so I could contact the appropriate office to correct them. In an environment where, to be entirely candid, all the lenders are essentially offering the same loans, the availability of CLC's professional support personnel makes all the difference. I would highly recommend College Loan Corporation as an educational lender.

-Howard N., Parent of Student at Texas Tech University

I would like to write you and let you know how happy we have been with College Loan Corporation and the services that you provide. This is the first time we have sent a student to college and to say the least it has been quite an experience. So much paper work and tons of confusion. We had no idea what we needed to do from a loan perspective. We received a call from Robert Cope of College Loan Corporation and he explained in great detail what you would provide for us. He told us that he would personally see to our loan and he would follow us through not only the four years that our son will be at college but could continue to assist when we send our daughter in two years also. He has been very thorough and extremely considerate in getting us through the process including following up with the school to make sure that all was taken care of.

This made the loan experience the least frustrating part of the whole process. Thank you for making our experience a very rewarding one.

-Jim and Coral M., Parents of Student at Notre Dame De Namur University in California

I was very happy with the help I received from Linda Banscet. I was considering a reconciliation with CLC but was nervous about the process. I then spoke to Linda who was very helpful and made me "feel great". I appreciated the time and empathy that Linda gave me. I had been considering going with another lender, but after speaking with Linda I was "sold" on CLC's customer service. Linda did an excellent job of showing CLC's commitment to customer service.

-Erin C., Student of Rochester Institute of Technology